The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash (book cover)

The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash

Rob Bateman & Richard Olsson (Away3D Team)

The Essential Guide to 3D in Flash is a recent book by Rob Bateman and Richard Olsson of the Away3D team, published by Friends of ED in April of 2010.

From this book you will learn how to utilize the Away3D engine to push the Flash platform to the limit in terms of 3D productions.

Download sample files (updated 2010-10-08)

NOTE: Away3D 3.6 introduced some minor syntax changes, requiring the code samples in the book to be slightly altered by hand to compile. You can keep using older versions of the engine with the book if you prefer not having to edit the code, or use a special 3.6 code sample package that differs slightly from what is in the book.

Click here (pre Away3D 3.6) or here (Away3D 3.6 and later) to download sample files for all chapters. The package includes a README.pdf file which details how to use the sample source code and assets.

Errata (updated 2010-05-29)

The latest Errata document can be downloaded here. This document is updated whenever an error is found, and describes solutions to problems caused by errors in the text, figures or sample files.

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